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Made-to-measure flight cases: www.casebuilder.com

Casebuilder.com is the number one webshop for designing your own personal flight case. Create your very own flight case and determine the size, shape, colour and finish yourself. The cases can also be delivered as a do-it-yourself package. Delivery within 5 working days. Visit Casebuilder.com to create your very own flight case.

Create your very own flight case in five easy steps!

The CaseBuilder.com web application is an online configurator that allows you to create personalised flight cases. You select a model, add the dimensions and select special finishing touches and/or options. You can even decide the colour!
Create a personalised flight case.
This Internet application makes it possible to design a made-to-measure flight case in accordance with your own personal wishes and requirements, such as the positioning of handles, castors and/or butterfly locks. The flight case can be delivered fully assembled or in a do-it-yourself package.
We use exclusively top-quality Penn components.
The webshop also offers a cutting service, which allows you to order extra made-to-measure materials for extra features such as partitions.
For flightcase parts look at our webshop www.flightcase-parts.com.
Do-it-yourself package
Via Casebuilder.com, you can quickly and easily compile a do-it-yourself package. These packages consist of all components, frames and plating necessary to create your very own flight case. All aluminium frames are custom cut and jointed and equipped with 4mm attachment holes.
The panelling is cut specifically according to your dimensions, and furthermore, the holes for the clips and the handles are pre-milled in the exact positions specified by you. The do-it-yourself package is also provided with an intuitiveEnglish-language instruction manual which includes a large number of images. The average assembly time for do-it-yourself packages is between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the model and the experience level of the user.
Payment can be made quickly and easily online by credit card or via Paypal.
For examples of different flightcases, visit the website www.flightcase.com
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